Dear J. Alfred Prufrock

Futility in the pages of decades old poetry, mold in the bindings of our 50-year-old dreams. Do you remember cliff-diving outside of Santa Ana? The strangers we lived with in the woods, new friends from San Francisco. Dancing lost footsteps on the sidewalks’ lyrical chalk, a young folk band busking towards Denver. Making love in our tarp tent to the Magnetic Zeroes; rise to find dawn gilding the hills round Athens, Ohio.

The lyrics to our dreaming lives haven’t changed in 50 years.

Dear Dylan, Dear Kerouac, Dear Ginsberg, Dear Morrison

Because somewhere outside of Asheville we heard the hum, low, monotonous, whir of the processors. We thought we would run forever. One by one friends and lovers in graduation caps and office desks, and the hum of the processors grew louder. So, young and hungry and tired of running, we returned to retrieve our degrees. Fortunes awaited, long careers beneath the microscopes of progress. Happily ever after a fairy tale soundtracked by the clack of the keyboards; the digital hum of the screens.

Bookshelves burn and the inferno splits apart the neon glow we hid in our hearts. Flowers wilt and the passages of love decay. Dreams fall to darkness.

Hold my hand.



  1. Paul Randall · June 1

    I want to roll this up and smoke it.

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  2. I sighed at the end for my lost selves


    • MickHugh · June 3

      If I can make braveandreckless sigh, I’ve added at least one more star to the night sky..

      Liked by 1 person

  3. davekingsbury · June 2

    Nice evocation to console us …


    • MickHugh · June 3

      Thanks! Although, I didn’t find it very consoling for myself lol


  4. Anne Skyvington · June 4

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  5. You’ve caught my attention in your writing here…this is brilliant stuff.
    Your imagery runs wild and such an imagination you have. Love it my friend. 🙂


  6. modestly · June 6

    Beautiful . No consolation.


  7. oldepunk · June 10
  8. Max Meunier · June 13

    such an epically vivid piece. i love it!


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